Cerviray A.I. - Artificial Intelligence Cervical Image Interpretation System

Cervical cancer is classified as the second highest incidence among woman cancers in the world. The proportion of cervical cancer is as high as 80% in developing countries and less developed countries, while 230,000 persons died for cervical cancer every year. 500,000 persons have been diagnosed with cervical cancer around the world every year, of which 130,000 are Chinese women (accounting for more than 28% of the world).

There are few symptoms in the early stages of cervical cancer. When the patients find symptoms, cancer always has metastasized. Early physical examination is very important.

With the Cerviray A.I. that combines the traditional cervical enlargement photography and artificial intelligence, cervical cancer screening becomes more accurate and fast.

In order to ensure the uniformity of medical images, Cerviray A.I. will make pre-processing of images, adopt CNN technology to capture features and realize multiple classification through mixed deep learning model; exclusive technologies and experiences of Aidot are applied in the whole process of Cerviray A.I.

System Components : A.I. Software + Digital Colposcope + PC set