NAO Detection A.I. - What is an AI system for predicting cerebral aneurysm bleeding?

NAO-Detection A.I. is responsible for the high frequency and difficult-to-response cerebral hemorrhage during stroke, a high-risk disease with a high mortality rate along with cancer. AI brain bleeding prediction system that predicts in advance through artificial intelligence.

In particular, it is a medical examination solution that can predict and diagnose subarachnoid hemorrhage due to rupture of the cerebral aneurysm, which is the most common cause of hemorrhagic stroke (cerebral hemorrhage).

Based on the AI learning engine based on the 3D angiography database, we are preparing a reading system that can detect brain hemorrhage and a mobile notification system that can send emergency readings to doctors.

We are conducting joint research with Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital to build an organic cooperation-based image DB and artificial intelligence engine as an artificial intelligence-based cerebral aneurysm rupture prediction system.
An artificial CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) that helps prevent and treat rupture of cerebral aneurysms based on 3D angiography.